Celebrate the Goddess in Us All

It’s a happy day for me! Candace has picked up where one of my favorite meditations and a talented meditation guide left off last December. The meditation is a Women’s Goddess Meditation and the guide is an intuitive, special person named Kisha.

Women – all women reading this – please consider coming to this wonderful bonding, healing, quiet, reflective, and happy time of the week, Mondays, 7:00 p.m. at Phoenix and Dragon. You will not be disappointed. I’ve already told hubby, get ready for me to be gone for an hour on Mondays.

At one time, I went regularly to this guided women’s meditation at a nearby spiritual center.  Then they canceled it. I think the time was the issue, 5:30 on a Monday. I was so sad that they cancelled it that I showed up for two weeks afterwards thinking there had to be a mistake. On the third week, the spiritual center’s director called me to make sure I wasn’t coming because she wasn’t going to be there this time.

For a beginning meditator, this meditation is perfect because it’s broken into three parts; even though it lasts an hour, there are breaks in the quiet time. For those who think they can’t sit there for an hour, this meditation is very doable. For the seasoned meditator, it’s also a perfect mixture of guided and quiet meditation, and the energy healing is what I like to call a cosmic massage.

The Goddess meditation is led by more than the human guide. The topic is chosen using Doreen Virtue, Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. One card is chosen in the beginning and one at the end as a closing message. In between, the meditation guide, Kisha, performs an energy healing on each guest individually.

doreen goddess cards

After the energy healing, we are invited to pick a card (or three or four), for an individual message.

One card I drew frequently (when I attended at the intuitive center) was Diana, which is the goddess of “Focused Attention.” The quote on the card is: “Keep your unwavering thoughts, feelings, and actions focused on your target, and you will hit your mark.”

I would then look in the book that comes with the card deck to get a longer, more in-depth meaning to the card and advice on how I could go about doing something to help my life.

Sometimes I asked a direct question before I drew the card. Once I drew the card on “Focused Attention.” I asked, “Focus on what though? I have so many interests!” And the card I drew next was, Pele, “Divine Passion,” “Be honest with yourself: What is your heart’s true desire?”

That kind of stuff happens all the time at this meditation. So many evenings I leave this meditation feeling divinely guided and inspired to take action towards a better me.

I hope to meet you on Mondays at 7, at P&D very soon.

Here’s the description from P&D’s calendar.

Explore the nurturing, creative essence of the Divine Feminine through both silent and guided meditations. Receive energy healing in each class to balance and harmonize your feminine energy within. Beginners welcomed—drop in accepted! Wear comfortable clothing and bring a pillow or blanket to sit on.


John of God Stones, I can’t wait!

P&D has an interesting trunk show coming this Sunday. A man named Digby Bertram from Avalon Trading Company will be there with his jewelry. What is special about the jewelry is that it comes from the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola, where John of God, a medium and healer, lives and works. The jewelry is made with stones that come from a mine near the Casa and are sent to John of God where he “calibrates” them for healing. The stones are said to be “crystals on steroids.”

I first heard of John of God from my beloved Oprah a few years ago. She had a producer go to the Casa and interview him. She also had people on that were healed by him. The Show was fascinating, and even skeptical people were changed after leaving John of God’s presence.

John of God is a man from a small town in Brazil, whose birth name is João Teixeira de Faria. The people of Abadiânia now call him Medium João. As a child of nine, he had a vision that a nearby village was going to be devastated in a storm. It was a nice day, so the people brushed of his prophesy — that is, until it happened. A nearby town was devastated shortly after he said it would be. That is the first “recorded” notion of John’s gift for seeing things.


John of God was raised poor; often going hungry. At 16, he was tired and famished and went to a river to wash himself. Once there, he saw a beautiful woman with a brilliant smile, now believed to be Saint Rita of Cascia. She gave him the address of a spiritual center and told him to go there. Once there, John fainted. When he woke, he started to apologize, saying he was just hungry. But the people told him that he had actually been awake and performing miraculous healings all afternoon.

This started John of God on a path of healing millions. It is believed that the spirit of King Solomon was guiding John of God by entering his body. And now, John of God is a medium to many entities wishing to continue healing work here through him, just as King Solomon did. The spirits are believed to be doctors, herbalists, chiropractors, healers and saints.

John of God has now been healing for over 50 years and is thought of as one of the most prolific healers and mediums of our (living) times. He sees hundreds and sometimes thousands of people per week, for no pay. He tells people that he does not do the healings, God does.

The Casa is open to everyone from anywhere. John of God’s entities have cured people from all walks of life from all kinds of adversities; cancer, AIDS/HIV, asthma, paralysis, and psychological problems. Oprah’s producer said when she went to do the interview she was feeling very depressed about the recent death of her father. She was having a hard time finding joy in life again after his passing. John of God looked her in the eyes then sent her to the healing room where she was told to sit and meditate. She sat there and said that when she left she felt a peace come over her. Like things were as they were meant to be. I also read a story where a quadriplegic boy was told to get up and walk up a hill and did it.

There are all kind of stories of healing from John of God, some as small as having a hand with grief and others as large as walking after never being expected to walk again, or seeing after being blinded. When reading about him, the passion felt by each writer comes alive. John of God touches people on many levels.

I’m really interested to feel and touch a stone that has been programmed by this man. The Casa where he performs the miracles is said to be energized from a high density of crystals in the ground and possible ley line conjunctions, a “power spot” that is ideal for healing, spiritual awakening and the opening or expanding of our innate psychic gifts. There is also a sacred cachoeira, or waterfall, within walking distance of the Casa, and with the permission of the entities one can go there for additional healing and spiritual work.

I’m looking forward to Sunday (December 9) at P&D. Digby, the man selling the jewelry, has been many times to the Casa himself. He has had experience with the stones and is passionate about his work to get the stones to others through his jewelry.