It’s All in the Stars, If You Look

Yesterday was my birthday. In honor of “my day,” I decided to have an astrological chart done by Nancy Hedges, an astrologer at P&D. I have had a ton of readings over the years, but I have never had my chart done.

Astrology chart0001

Actually, there were three charts. First was my Natal chart. I’m a Pisces. Nancy went through my traits and what they mean to me. I’ve checked my horoscope a million times, but because this chart was done by my day, time and place of birth, it was more specific. It was technical too. Nancy would say things like, “The moon was in Taurus, so you are determined, grounded and a bit stubborn.” This part made me wonder if she had been talking with my husband before my reading. Who me, stubborn?

This also backs up why I don’t come to life as a total Pisces, which are usually dreamy, so to speak. I dream, but I am also a grounded, rather earthly person. The Taurus personality in my reading explains this.

I found the birth chart to be remarkable in many of the explanations she gave me about what planet was where when I was born and how that related to me, personally.

I thought that was it. I was surprised to find she had two more charts to go.

Next was a chart that runs much like the books of the year that go through each sign and gives the future for that year. Only this one was specific to me, again based on the information of my birth.

She covered much of 2013 and even said a few things about 2014. I won’t go into too much detail here. If you get a reading, it should be your reading.

One thing she said was that I will be reviewing my goals many times over the next year and she named the months this was most likely to occur. She called it “report card time.” That struck me because I am very much in the process of starting new ventures and probably taking on too many tasks too much of the time (which she also noted during my reading). I can see myself doing exactly what she said.

The third chart she read was a Solar Return chart. Everyone experiences a Solar Return every year around their birthday. It is literally when the Sun in the sky comes to the exact degree it was at the moment we were born. It is a “return” to its original position.

She saw a Yod in this Solar Return chart which in astrology talk indicates a big change. A change in goals, friends, home, or all of them; something large.

I couldn’t believe an hour had gone by. I enjoyed my reading with Nancy. I found myself telling her things, that I normally don’t share with just anyone, because she is nurturing and open minded. I thought the reading was insightful and helpful to my life. Perfect for my birthday – a great day to size up my life and move onward!

Nancy is also doing classes at P&D that sound interesting. The first one, on Friday, March 22, at 7:00, is called Celestial Investigation. In this workshop she is planning to look the “shadow” aspect, or negative side of the sign, of each person’s chart to divine how it is interfering in the person’s life. The goal is to help get past these traits that could be holding someone back from attaining their highest goals.

On Thursday, March 28, at 7:00, Nancy will host another workshop called Celestial Navigation. This time participants will look at their charts to find out what is coming up for the following month.

If you are interested in a having a reading with Nancy or attending her classes, call P&D at 404-255-5207


Say, Cheese! Aura Photography at P&D

Laura Kaye is a photographer of the metaphysical kind. She takes aura photographs with a special camera that, in a bunch of technical talk, sends radio signals from a persons hands to the camera that transmits the information scientifically in to bytes, and turns out a photo with a person’s aura on it.

Here’s mine:

My Aura Scan

My Aura Scan


Today, for the first time since I have been going to P&D, I had a session with Laura Kaye. I left thinking, That was very interesting. I found the reading remarkable, and so is Laura herself.

She dresses like a fairy, complete with sparkly eye shadow, and talks like part scientist, part counselor, and part intuitive. You will leave with her contact information in case you would like to text her, anything. Even something like, Hi Laura, It’s Jennifer. My grocery bag ripped and all my fruit rolled in the parking lot today.

In short, Laura is a delightful woman, knows her stuff and wants to stay in touch if you need her.

If you noticed, my aura in the photo is red, red and more red. They are not all monochromatic like mine. She showed me others when I asked if I was normal (whatever that is). Most other pictures I saw had an array of colors, but mine being so red is very specific to me.

My initial question, and probably the reason I haven’t done this in the past, is that I thought it would just be an imprint of my feelings in the present moment which would not have a bearing on anything else in my life. In a way I am correct. Laura says, “Where the mind goes, the energy follows.” In other words, if I was thinking of the ocean when she took my picture I may have gotten a different result – more of peek into the window to my soul. But that’s not where I was this morning.

Where I was: meeting a friend at the coffee shop, who I have cancelled on so many times that I took my semi-sick son with me, at 10. At 11, I went to P&D. Afterwards, I headed to Target for stuff, next to eat a quick lunch, on to the doctor to get my son cleared up (ear infection), then to get my daughter from school.

I’m only telling you my to-do list to say that my time was very structured today. I had a time slot for every second of my day. That was the first thing Laura told me – that there are very subtle prickly things in the top of my aura that indicate hours of the day. She told me that the red indicates I am in survival or action mode. She also mentioned that the amount of red could indicate that I had caffeine in my system. Remember above I said I came to P&D from the coffee shop? I had an espresso there. Apparently my aura reflects it.

She said the black between my face and the start of my aura was indication of a medication I take that helps me cope with my world. I do take such a medication.

She divided my photo into sections. I don’t want to go too in detail because if you get a reading, I want your reading to be your reading. But, she divides the photos into past, present and future. She divides it into the energy you give and what you have to give.

Believe it or not, my photo wasn’t totally red. In the heart area was orange and some magenta. And those colors also had meaning.

I may have been thinking, That was interesting. But in my heart I was feeling understood. The things she said to me were accurate, not just for the present moment, but for where I am in my life right now. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to have the aura photography done. My life has changed so much; it would be fun to compare today with a year ago or two years ago.

I guess I will have to start from this year and go forward. I can’t wait to see a little blue or green in there one day!

Laura Kaye comes to P&D certain times of the year. She will be there this weekend doing sessions; individual portraits ($25), and she’s doing a Valentine’s Special for couples ($35).

What’s in a Shape?

I used to think that crystals were pretty stones to sit on a shelf and make life brighter just by looking at them. I know each stone has a meaning, like the warm, pink colored rose quartz is for healing the heart. Or Citrine is the glistening, yellow crystal that helps manifest goal. It also makes a person cheerful, and attracts personal power and abundance.


Rose Quartz crystal

citrine cluster

Citrine Crystal

But what I didn’t realize, until recently, is that the shape of the stone also has meaning.
For instance,
• A sphere-shaped stone emits its energy in all directions. The energy is in a more inward direction than outward. Spheres are good to use when meditating because they aid in attraction.

• Egg-shaped stones not only represent fertility but also the birth of new ideas. They stimulate creativity. They can also help discover new paths-or a way out of a blocked path or trap.

• Stones with points, apexes, have the energy flow from that point.

• Clusters radiate energy out to the surrounding environment and can also absorb detrimental energy.

• Stones carved into animals bring the qualities of those animals, for example lion equals courage, along with the qualities of the stone itself.

• Long, thin stones represent Electricity and the projection of energy.

• Long, round stones (often shaped like teardrops) are good for all aspects of Love because those tears can be from either Joy or Sorrow.

• Square stones are all about solidity and stability. They help with grounding and centeredness (or focus). They can offer great strength in times of turmoil.

• Heart-shaped stones are dedicated to Love.

• Triangular stones can sometimes be tricky because of their similarity to long, thin stones and Pyramid stones. They are powerful projectors and excellent for Protection.

• L-shaped stones suggest a joining or juncture. It could be a crossing of paths. It could represent a radical change in path. Or it could symbolize a union such as Spiritual/Physical.

• Pyramid stones, if found in Nature, are practically the ultimate in energy projection.

• Diamond-shaped stones are associated with Wealth or monetary gain (specifically for money).

These are just some of the shapes and their meanings. There is a lot on the Internet about more specific shapes and angles that have meaning.

So I have found I wasn’t totally incorrect in my assumption that the stones are there in the room to look at and make me smile, but now I know they are also there to do a job and that job depends on the type of stone and the shape!

It’s Tea Time!

This year is the 9th Annual Tea Ceremony meditation that Don Simmons guides once every year. This will be my fourth. I wrote last year about my experience after the ceremony. I plan on being there this Saturday, Jan. 5, 6-7 pm. Call P&D to claim your spot — there are only 33 spots available!

tea towel

Tea Anyone?

Originally posted on on January 8, 2012

I’ve just returned from my local metaphysical bookstore and meditation refuge, Phoenix and Dragon. Tonight was Don Simmons’s annual Tea Ceremony meditation. This is the third that I have attended. There have been seven previous, eight including tonight.

I love the tea ceremony for its combination of ceremony and whimsy. Don really knows how to make this tradition light-hearted and official at the same time.

To clarify the whimsical side of the ceremony, he tells us about Wabi Sabi, the Japanese tradition of accepting things just as they are, and finding beauty in the imperfections in life. So, he says, he will practice Wabi Sabi quite a bit during his tea ceremony and he hopes we can see the beauty.

We all laugh, but really, the wabi sabi is much of what creates the beauty of the ceremony he is conducting. He asks us to listen to the sounds, the water pouring, the propane and the “ancient light stick,” an everyday lighter, igniting a flame to heat the water. He heats this water to pour over our tea towels. He passes out to each person in the room a warm cloth that he has personally picked out, cut and blessed. He asks us to really see and feel the cloth he hands us, our tea towel.

The tea towel is one of my favorite parts of the ceremony. As I walked into the room tonight, I had to duck to get in. There were tea towels past draped down in front of the door and a line of them up on the ceiling. Each square sewn together to show the eight years of ceremony. Don explains that the two squares hanging in front of the door are to encourage us to bow when entering the room. This is a Japanese custom and means to make us all equal. In Japan, kings bow to come into the room for a tea ceremony just the same as a commoner would. This connects everyone on the same level – brings us all to God, so to speak.

I have two tea towels from years prior. Don tells us to use them – treat them ceremoniously but also see them as profane, or useful. He tells a story of being in Hilton Head and riding a bike down the beach. His chain becomes clogged with sand and grease and will no longer go forward. The only something he had to help was his tea towel from his ceremony. He used it to wipe off the grease and sand and was able to continue his beach ride.

“Don’t keep this towel in a file. Use it. Make it profane,” he says.

Honestly, mine are all in my little “sacred cabinet” I have in my bedroom. I did profane my towel up when I came out of the meditation tonight. It was raining and I used the towel as an umbrella for my beautiful, silk covered, meditation chair.

Maybe this year I will get my towels out and really do something with them. After all, 2012 is the year of change, growth, manifestation, and freedom. This sounds like a good year to make my tea towels past and present work for me.

After wiping our hands on our tea towel, Don explains The Way of Tea. “This meeting is one time, one meeting,” Don explains. “We may have more tea ceremonies, but we will never have one exactly like this one in this moment.” In Japanese it is “ichi-go, ichi-e,” appreciating the sacredness of every moment.

We fold our tea towels into little pillow-like squares and really feel the moment. Then Don explains a philosophy to help understand the tea ceremony as sacred, a saying Chop Wood, Carry Water, Drink Tea.

Don explains on his Facbook Page, The Mystic Path, “Chop Wood, Carry Water, Drink tea is a philosophy of charity, service and inclusiveness. Chopping wood, a yang or masculine energy, is the beginning action of transformation (fire) for all to experience. Carrying water is the yin or feminine action reflecting the “bringing of life” to others. Drinking Tea is the balance of work and service – bringing pleasure and rejuvenation to self and others.”n you drink Tea, contemplate the Balance of your life and enjoy yourself and friends.

In 200 B.C. a Han Dynasty Emperor ruled that when referring to tea, a special written character must be used illustrating wooden branches, grass, and a man between the two. This written character, also pronounced “ch’a” symbolized the way tea brought humankind into balance with nature for the Chinese culture.

Before beginning the making of the tea, food is served. In tea ceremonies in ancient times, the people coming to the ceremony would have travelled far to get there. In addition to being thirsty, they would have been hungry. I didn’t eat much myself before going, so when Don exposed his plate of cookies, I was happy to be the first to be offered one.

I took a dark brown, ginger snap type of cookie with the word “Lotus” written across it, when I noticed he also had those cigar-shaped cookies with the thin wafer wrapped around a chocolate inside. Those are one of my favorites. So I did something I have not done before, yet proving this really is a different tea ceremony, I took two cookies. I asked first, and Don was more than obliging of my request. I noticed too I wasn’t the only one that did this.

We are told to really savor the cookies in our mouth; to eat them mindfully.

It feels a little funny sitting there in a room full of adults eating cookies mindfully, but that’s what we do. Then Don sits down and, like a kid, eats his own cookie with a gleam in his eye.

After the cookies, it was time to heat the water for the tea. Again, the water is poured with an intention of mindful listening. The propane is lit, the water set to boil. Don tells us, there are three types of boiling water. Crab Eye, when the water starts to make a shift, energy of the water is changing; Fisheye, the bubbles are forming and coming to the top, but small; Old Man Boil, when it is really boiling. For tea, Fisheye is the optimum boiling point.

While we are waiting for the water to boil, he pours some of tonight’s loose tea into a holder to pass around for us to inhale the aroma. The tea is Plum Berry. The aroma is sweet, like smelling a flower. The berries and plums mix to emit a wonderful smell. Like the way waffles smell cooking on a waffle iron, I was hoping the taste would replicate that exact smell.

As the water begins to boil, Don tells us a story of his being in Egypt on a job assignment. They were filming a sun set and got the shot only to discover if they ran up a hill they could see the sun setting again, and get another shot. He tells of what that feels like, running up a large hill with 80 pounds of camera weight attached. And also tells us that they were invited to tea with Egyptian people having tea on the mountain.

“They don’t use these little baskets (he holds up the tea leaf basket to show what he would have put the tea in),” he explains. “They just throw it all in the pot and pour the water over it, and that is what I am going to do tonight.”

Interesting; I’m picturing tea leaves in my teeth as I leave tonight to go back into the world.

As the water boiled and the tea was spooned loosely into the bottom of the tea pots, Don took the pan of boiling water and poured it into the tea pots with the tea leaves mixed with Plum and Berries. Immediately the smell of the tea filled the room. I heard someone close by comment that they could smell it too.

He pours it into the small white porcelain cups. When he gets to the end, he runs out of tea with only one cup left. Using two pots, he went back to the first and there was enough to fill that last cup. Then one was knocked over when he was going around to each person serving the tea – wabi sabi.

There is a way to drink the tea in a tea ceremony. Hold tea in right hand, left hand is under the cup. Take a breath. Exhale. Bring tea cup up, inhale the tea’s aroma. Exhale. Bring tea cup up, take a sip, savor, swallow. Start the process over. And if you don’t get that all perfectly “correct” then wabi sabi at you again. And the only real rule there is: do this ritual mindfully and you are doing it “right.”

So in the end, I went, I ate, I drank tea, I laughed, and I was part of a wonderful ritual – a mindful experience with a peaceful, yet festive, atmosphere.

I was reminded to be mindful of the energy I bring to the room when Don talked of a friend he has that says he never goes to a party unless he can bring something positive to the room. I like that philosophy for just entering a room on an ordinary day.

I was given tools for my year coming up. Don, who is adept at numerology, explains, 2011 was a year of stability and stability can often mean stagnation. 2012 represents the number five. Five is the number for forward motion, change, growth, manifestation, and freedom. This year will be on the go – watching the manifestation of actions in life.

Don made sure to remind us of the willingness to let things happen, to see the beauty in the imperfections of life. Sometimes when things do not go exactly as I plan, I remember that the Universe might have plans much larger than I can imagine for myself.

Tea Ceremony, for me, is a perfect way to bring in my year anew. If I see this ritual as a representation of my life, I am able to look at the sacredness of each act I am completing and I am also able to see the humor of those moments. Even in a serious moment, like handing out the “sacred” tea, when the tea cup falls over, it was just fine to laugh.

In Positive Energy, by Judith Orloff, she dedicates a portion of her Seventh Prescription to the “Sacredness of laughter.” One of her accounts reminds me how a serious moment can turn into something more if I am only able to see the humor. Orloff tells a story about how a friend’s grandmother with Alzheimer ate tulips that were on the table instead of the food. She writes, “…out of a mix of respect and the utter goofiness of the moment, the friend began eating tulips too.”

So, in honor of my third tea ceremony, today I go into my world seeking a path to my highest good, as my most useful self, but I am also out there making sure I see what’s amusing about it. Today, I trust the process of life.

Vision Board Visions


Two years ago I created a Vision Board at Phoenix & Dragon. Last year they didn’t have the workshop, but so many people asked for it, they are doing one this year on January 6, 3-5 pm. I still have the one from 2011 on the wall in my office. And much of what I put up has either come to fruition or on its way to happening. I believe in creating a vision for my year, refreshing myself with its content regularly, and seeing my dreams come true!

Below is a blog post I wrote on my blog ( after I went in 2011.

I hope to see you on Jan. 6, at 3 at P&D!

Vision Board

Vision Board Visions

Written Jan. 8, 2011

If I am to be honest with you, 2010 was not a great year for me. I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say Hubby is a builder and he and I rode an emotional housing-rollercoaster for the entire year. And it didn’t end well either. We did not exit the ride exhilarated and wanting more. In fact, 2010 had me saying, “Bye-Bye, 2010, don’t let the door hit you where the sun doesn’t shine on your way out!”

In that spirit, I was at meditation at my local metaphysical book store, Phoenix and Dragon, when Don Simmons, the guide of the meditations, mentioned he was hosting a Vision Board Creation seminar on Sunday. After my year, I decided that this could be good. I’ve read about vision boards in plenty of my spiritual books, but I had never created one before.

So, on Sunday, I bought some poster board, packed my scissors and a glue stick and headed to the Phoenix and Dragon for a little vision creation. I also printed off a picture of Hubby’s and my dream house, a picture of a back yard and I made a copy of the front cover of the book, Surviving Braces, which I wrote with my aunt. For even better luck, I took Nate, my five-year-old, with me. He seems to get just about everything he wants, so it couldn’t hurt to have him by my side.

Nate and I made our way in to the room. It was packed with people and poster board. The smell of glue and magazine print surrounded us. The sound of scissors making dreams come true rang out.

We found a little space left on the floor where Nate and I just did fit. I left him there while I went to a long table covered with magazines. I thought about my vision for myself and my family and decided on a health magazine, a parenting magazine and a fashion magazine (for the more explicitly exciting kind of words). I also had a big book full of artist’s illustrations from my days at an ad agency. I’m not sure how I ended up with it, but it had been in my office closet for at least six years and I had not used it yet, so I decided there was no better way to use it than to cut it up for my vision board.

Nate and I started cutting and pasting. He got a hold of some letters and glued down his name and the year. I’m now a little concerned because he put a football picture on his. I had hoped he would be more of a golf, tennis or baseball type. He also asked me for a real dollar bill. I gave him a dollar and he glued that down. There are stars and arrows and a heart on his. He also used a picture of a dove flying; that one was nice, and knowing his dislike of structure it seemed appropriate.

Mine, I divided into three parts – family, my individual life, and Hubby’s business, which, obviously, directly effects me individually as well as within the family unit. On the top I put our family name and I surrounded it with the pictures of the house and back yard that I had printed and brought with me. I included a heart and over it I cut out the caption “Love + Life” from a magazine and glued it down. I attached words that I think symbolize what I want for my family; words like Play, Giggle, Love, and All for One and One for All. I decided that I would love to see my family travel to Costa Rica for a vacation in the future, so I cut that out of a magazine and glued it on. I pasted a photo of a man and a woman sitting at a table together, representing Hubby and I together, alone. I also put a couple of intimate words there, but I’ll let your mind’s eye do the talking for me. I also included in big, capital letters “GOOD HEALTH.” And I put a slot machine with 777 on the face right, smack in the middle of the board. I’ll take a winning lottery of any kind, thank you.

Next I concentrated on me. The largest picture is one of two people stretching. Their bodies are one on top of the other, in mid-air, and their legs go out, one to the left and one to the right sides. This picture says to me, balance, good health, exercise, and flexibility. Some of the stuff I think creates a happy existence.

On my business or creative section, I put my ideals for what I would like to have happen to me. I glued my Surviving Braces book photo down and over it I glued the word “Money.” I glued the word “Books” down, because eventually I would like to author more books. I glued down a picture of a brain with a magnifying glass over it, representing ideas, or “picking” of my brain. Of course, for me, no vision board would be complete without a photo of Oprah on it. I glued two of her pictures down, to be sure the Universe heard me. And with her picture, I put a picture of myself so that the Universe would be sure to know that I not only want her to know of me, I want her to know me, personally. With all of this I glued a cut-out from a magazine that says “The world is a magical place.”

In Hubby’s business or creative section, I found an illustration of a bean-stalk with houses coming off of it, as if the stalk is growing houses. Of course, I didn’t have to jump far to conclude that this would be a good representation of a growing business for Hubby. But just in case it wasn’t clear, I wrote the words beside the picture, “Business Grows. Building Contracts Abundant.”

In the end, I was happy with my vision for my and my family’s future. I also left a little room to add other things I desire, but I might not have thought of at the moment I was there. I enjoyed creating a Vision Board and I believe it is a great tool for getting focused on the good things I intend to create in my life. I hung it in my office and I look at it often to remind me of my goals.

And on that note, I think one part of it worked. The very next night, I tried a babysitter last minute and she was actually available. So Hubby and I went out to celebrate New Years a couple of days late. We had the best time we have had in a long time together. We had a great dinner and we went dancing. What fun we had! I’ll let your imagination work out the rest of our night, but it was fun too.

John of God Stones, I can’t wait!

P&D has an interesting trunk show coming this Sunday. A man named Digby Bertram from Avalon Trading Company will be there with his jewelry. What is special about the jewelry is that it comes from the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola, where John of God, a medium and healer, lives and works. The jewelry is made with stones that come from a mine near the Casa and are sent to John of God where he “calibrates” them for healing. The stones are said to be “crystals on steroids.”

I first heard of John of God from my beloved Oprah a few years ago. She had a producer go to the Casa and interview him. She also had people on that were healed by him. The Show was fascinating, and even skeptical people were changed after leaving John of God’s presence.

John of God is a man from a small town in Brazil, whose birth name is João Teixeira de Faria. The people of Abadiânia now call him Medium João. As a child of nine, he had a vision that a nearby village was going to be devastated in a storm. It was a nice day, so the people brushed of his prophesy — that is, until it happened. A nearby town was devastated shortly after he said it would be. That is the first “recorded” notion of John’s gift for seeing things.


John of God was raised poor; often going hungry. At 16, he was tired and famished and went to a river to wash himself. Once there, he saw a beautiful woman with a brilliant smile, now believed to be Saint Rita of Cascia. She gave him the address of a spiritual center and told him to go there. Once there, John fainted. When he woke, he started to apologize, saying he was just hungry. But the people told him that he had actually been awake and performing miraculous healings all afternoon.

This started John of God on a path of healing millions. It is believed that the spirit of King Solomon was guiding John of God by entering his body. And now, John of God is a medium to many entities wishing to continue healing work here through him, just as King Solomon did. The spirits are believed to be doctors, herbalists, chiropractors, healers and saints.

John of God has now been healing for over 50 years and is thought of as one of the most prolific healers and mediums of our (living) times. He sees hundreds and sometimes thousands of people per week, for no pay. He tells people that he does not do the healings, God does.

The Casa is open to everyone from anywhere. John of God’s entities have cured people from all walks of life from all kinds of adversities; cancer, AIDS/HIV, asthma, paralysis, and psychological problems. Oprah’s producer said when she went to do the interview she was feeling very depressed about the recent death of her father. She was having a hard time finding joy in life again after his passing. John of God looked her in the eyes then sent her to the healing room where she was told to sit and meditate. She sat there and said that when she left she felt a peace come over her. Like things were as they were meant to be. I also read a story where a quadriplegic boy was told to get up and walk up a hill and did it.

There are all kind of stories of healing from John of God, some as small as having a hand with grief and others as large as walking after never being expected to walk again, or seeing after being blinded. When reading about him, the passion felt by each writer comes alive. John of God touches people on many levels.

I’m really interested to feel and touch a stone that has been programmed by this man. The Casa where he performs the miracles is said to be energized from a high density of crystals in the ground and possible ley line conjunctions, a “power spot” that is ideal for healing, spiritual awakening and the opening or expanding of our innate psychic gifts. There is also a sacred cachoeira, or waterfall, within walking distance of the Casa, and with the permission of the entities one can go there for additional healing and spiritual work.

I’m looking forward to Sunday (December 9) at P&D. Digby, the man selling the jewelry, has been many times to the Casa himself. He has had experience with the stones and is passionate about his work to get the stones to others through his jewelry.

I’m Purple Shoppin’ till I’m Purple Droppin’ Friday AND Saturday

I’m on the way out the door. I’m headed to P&D for Purple Friday, which is now extended into Purple Small Business Saturday too. Everything purple in the store is 25% off. On Saturday, AMEX is also giving a $25 credit to people shopping at small businesses. P&D is a qualifying small business, so that’s another savings.

But for me, it is more than saving money.  P&D actually has unique stuff and much of what they have is from local artisans, which makes my gifts special.

I’ve recently learned that many of their works are made by employees. Victoria makes jewelry, Heather creates gemstone malas, and Ellen creates prayer beads. Damaris makes a clearing spray. I think I may own some of this spray. I have a Sage spray for clearing out unwanted energy. Brent Wykle makes Orgonite. Customers also have a stake in the store. Some of the products include LaDira candles, copper bracelets, metal dragon sculptures, Skinfood Soaps, Rinse Body Care, jewelry artisans Cely Gomez and Elain Coyne, and an art exhibit by Betty Smith Sadler.

I’m a customer too! I have been going to P&D regularly for mediations and all of my spiritual products for so long that I asked if I could write a blog about the place.

P&D is a community within a community of people who are thriving thanks to one small business owner.

Supporting small businesses does more than just help an owner stay in business. It stimulates our local economy and creates character in our community, which also encourages us to walk to the stores and save gas. Small businesses are more likely to support our local charity efforts.  When we support small businesses, we get more choices and we ensure that prices stay lower in the long run. Small businesses are also more likely to respond to customer desires. Small businesses are the largest employers nationally.

Candace not only employs people, she also gives her employees the chance to be vendors!

She supports our local authors all of the time too. I met a lady one day who wrote a book about the ghosts in Roswell, GA. And, I recently attended the poetry night at P&D (held the last Friday of every month) and there was a published poet, Clifford Brooks, there with his book doing readings right along with us non-published folks. It was so much fun!

Susan Rushing, a P&D psychic, also has a new book on the shelves, called Suicide from the Other Side. I read it. It’s really good. I have not been through a suicide and still found the information interesting.

In addition to the community, the store carries American made products; Woodstock Chimes, Porcelain Gardens Night Lights, Crystal Garden’s Smudge Spray by Margaret Lembo, another metaphysical bookstore owner.

So, I’m out of here. I hope to see you at P&D this weekend. I’m on a treasure hunt for purple. Here’s my list so far: crystals, amethyst jewelry, candles, soap, arts, sculptures, a meditation cushion, books… This is just the start. Oh, and clothes. I saw a great purple shirt that I wanted and now I get it 25% off!