About the Contributor

My name is Jennifer K Webb. I am a mother, an author, and a seeker of the soul. It was Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore that furthered my spiritual journey when I was ready to begin a more peaceful, happy and sacred existence.

At this store I have meditated, been to past life regressions and future life progressions, had psychic readings to help me in times of angst, bought books to guide me to where I want to be, learned to read tarot cards, had my aura photography done, met authors of enlightened writing, had massages, and I have even made a fairy house with my daughter there. I kind of consider this store my “church,” because it is my community of like-minded people all there to raise ourselves to a higher conciousness.

This blog is the result of me approaching Candace, the store’s owner, and asking if I could create a blog to get the word out about what an oasis this place is. I have found so much peace, information and friendship at P&D. I want other people to know about it! Candace is a caring woman. A spirited person. A cat lover. And she surrounds herself with people who know about the metaphysical world.

I am a writer by nature. It’s my passion. I also write a blog called www.momssoulcafe.com where I post my more personal spiritual life experiences. Many of those experiences include P&D! I’m a mom of a 5-year-old girl and a 7-year old boy. I am the author of a book called Surviving Braces (yep, those braces that go on teeth), I am an Orton Gillingham trained tutor (that’s a method for helping dyslexic kids learn to read, but I think everyone should learn this way, so I started a blog called www.ogforall.com).

I love things organic, meaning I love them REAL. This is my platform to get real and to help others connect with their own spirit-self. To be the highest self we can all be, in whatever form that takes — be it Native American philosophies, Eastern philosopies, astrology, meditation, reading, listening to CDs, meditation at P&D, or meditation at home with CDs, books, talking, taking seminars, meeting like-minded people, and much, much more. I tell you, P&D has EVERYTHING to help us all get to where we want to be in a loving, non-judgemental environment. I appreciate it and I hope you will too.

Love & Light.


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