Celebrate the Goddess in Us All

It’s a happy day for me! Candace has picked up where one of my favorite meditations and a talented meditation guide left off last December. The meditation is a Women’s Goddess Meditation and the guide is an intuitive, special person named Kisha.

Women – all women reading this – please consider coming to this wonderful bonding, healing, quiet, reflective, and happy time of the week, Mondays, 7:00 p.m. at Phoenix and Dragon. You will not be disappointed. I’ve already told hubby, get ready for me to be gone for an hour on Mondays.

At one time, I went regularly to this guided women’s meditation at a nearby spiritual center.  Then they canceled it. I think the time was the issue, 5:30 on a Monday. I was so sad that they cancelled it that I showed up for two weeks afterwards thinking there had to be a mistake. On the third week, the spiritual center’s director called me to make sure I wasn’t coming because she wasn’t going to be there this time.

For a beginning meditator, this meditation is perfect because it’s broken into three parts; even though it lasts an hour, there are breaks in the quiet time. For those who think they can’t sit there for an hour, this meditation is very doable. For the seasoned meditator, it’s also a perfect mixture of guided and quiet meditation, and the energy healing is what I like to call a cosmic massage.

The Goddess meditation is led by more than the human guide. The topic is chosen using Doreen Virtue, Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. One card is chosen in the beginning and one at the end as a closing message. In between, the meditation guide, Kisha, performs an energy healing on each guest individually.

doreen goddess cards

After the energy healing, we are invited to pick a card (or three or four), for an individual message.

One card I drew frequently (when I attended at the intuitive center) was Diana, which is the goddess of “Focused Attention.” The quote on the card is: “Keep your unwavering thoughts, feelings, and actions focused on your target, and you will hit your mark.”

I would then look in the book that comes with the card deck to get a longer, more in-depth meaning to the card and advice on how I could go about doing something to help my life.

Sometimes I asked a direct question before I drew the card. Once I drew the card on “Focused Attention.” I asked, “Focus on what though? I have so many interests!” And the card I drew next was, Pele, “Divine Passion,” “Be honest with yourself: What is your heart’s true desire?”

That kind of stuff happens all the time at this meditation. So many evenings I leave this meditation feeling divinely guided and inspired to take action towards a better me.

I hope to meet you on Mondays at 7, at P&D very soon.

Here’s the description from P&D’s calendar.

Explore the nurturing, creative essence of the Divine Feminine through both silent and guided meditations. Receive energy healing in each class to balance and harmonize your feminine energy within. Beginners welcomed—drop in accepted! Wear comfortable clothing and bring a pillow or blanket to sit on.



Anna Stevens

Anna Stevens has been through a lot in life. The very fact that she is writing this book, Turn Your Dreams And Wants Into Achievable SMART Goals, to help others attain their dreams in life, seems like a miracle once you have read her personal story.

She wasn’t just a victim of domestic abuse by a spouse, she was abandoned by her dad and grew up with a mother who had Anna out of wedlock, which caused Anna’s grandmother to shun Anna’s mother. Not only that, if her mother was going to have a baby out of wedlock, she wanted a boy, not a girl. But Anna was a girl, and her mother’s solution was to dress her up as a boy and call her Anton instead of Anna.

I have to admit, Stevens’s story intrigued me from the first pages. How does a woman who has suffered so much adversity in Russia come to America only to be abused by her husband. How does a woman who speaks almost no English get delivered by a policeman to a domestic-abuse shelter then three and a half years later end up with her own consulting and coaching business, write a self-help book and receive her MBA from Georgia State’s Business School?

According to her book, Anna attained everything by using the method she describes in the book. She says, “SMART goals” was first coined in the November 1981 issue of Management Review by George T. Doran. What “SMART” stands for is: Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic and Time-bound.

I was given a copy of this book from Phoenix and Dragon to write this review. Stevens doesn’t just jump into her method of SMART. First, the reader is taken through a process of self discovery. Stevens also insists on a level of self awakening, in that one should have gratitude, the ability to be thankful for what already is, and be able to feel worthy of success.

Throughout the book are stories of people that have overcome great odds to be in a space of happiness in whatever life (or body) they have been given. And she gives personal stories from her own life – her struggles and how she was able to come out on the other side of the challenge a happy person, rather than bitter.

The plan itself is a worthy one. Something that really caught my eye was how she explains each part of the plan. For instance,

The “S” in SMART stands for “Specific.” Specific means answering the questions, What? Why? And How?

“The what is your head – it identifies WHAT it is that you need to accomplish.

The why is your soul – it specifies WHY you should accomplish it. It gives meaning to your goal, it outlines the purpose and the benefit of achieving the goal.

The how is your hands – it focuses on the tools and strategies needed for achieving your goal.”

She goes on to explain all of the letters in SMART in this way. And applies them to different time tables. She also has chapters discussing the benefits of this program to specific people – entrepreneurs, managers and parents.

She includes worksheet layouts for working on the different timetables and what is expected in each.

Overall, I like this book. I have heard of some of the methods of self discovery she used, but I like that she didn’t just use one, she gave many examples. And the SMART program asks us to be specific about our dreams and how we plan to attain them. I like that too. She gives suggestions about negative self talk and how to overcome it. Everything she suggests we do, she has some exercises to back it up. She doesn’t just say, “do this,” she actually tells how to do it.

In getting this book, be prepared to purchase a journal along with it. In fact, that might be my suggestion for Stevens’s next book – The SMART Goals Workbook. Anyone that goes through this book honestly could end up with a nice journal of self discovery, goals in life and exactly how they can be attained.

I would recommend the book to anyone needing direction, or someone that just wants to find out more about how they really think or what they believe. It’s worthy, but it does require effort on the reader’s part to get something from it. Without completing the exercises, it’s just Stevens’s story and how she is one driven, self secure, amazing person.