A New Personality at P&D

Most everyone that has been to Phoenix & Dragon over the last 16 years was familiar with the kitties, Sage and Amber. There have been others, but these two were had a very long standing run of the store.

In October 2012, Sage went to kitty heaven and in February, Amber joined her brother. There was such an outpouring of love on the P&D Facebook page, it made everyone at the store know how those cats affected the store’s setting.

So far, the P&D has always enjoyed the company of felines. Until now.

Recently, the very day Candace was going to look for two little kitty littermates to join the P&D family, a very sweet dog – a ridgeback Doberman, showed up in the parking lot of the store.

Greta and Mark

They took her to the vet to check for a chip, and although she is chipped, the chip isn’t registered.

Mark Revard, a Reiki, medium, channel and a crystal expert at P&D, took the dog home and brought her back the next day.

Candace put signs out in front of the store announcing “Lost Dog.” No one came, and now she has found her “furever” home with Mark. At night he takes her home and every day, brings her back to P&D. Her name is Greta; a lovely soul with a new home – day and night.

Candace is still planning store kitties in the future. “Greta is more of a visitor than a resident,” she says. “She’s an office dog, who stays in the office next to Mark, unless she wants my affection.”

Candace said Greta has figured out how to get her attention. When she is typing on the computer, Greta’s long, Doberman nose fits perfectly in the small space where Candace’s elbow meets her chair, while her hands are up typing. Greta doesn’t mind that Candace is in full typing mode when she sticks her nose in that space and flips up Candace’s arm to get her hand to come down for a rub on the head.

“She’s making herself comfortable,” says Candace with a good laugh.

I think Greta has chosen the perfect place to just be – if she is in fact the one that chose the place. Sometimes it seems with a place like P&D, there’s a hand above helping out situations.

I suppose it would be hard to call in all that energy in all those classes, meditation and books and not have some unseen help around the place!

If you are in P&D and see Greta on her frequent walks outside the store during the day, be sure to give her a pet and say, “Hello Greta! Welcome to Phoenix and Dragon.”


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