Our Children, Our Children – A celebration of Life

Many people who are in the metaphysical community are familiar with Aquarius Magazine. In fact, there is a stand that holds a large stack every month at the front door of P&D.

A straight-talking, big hearted woman named Gloria is the publisher of Aquarius. She started the magazine 20 years ago and is still going at it today. She’s familiar with all kinds of gurus, healing techniques, psychic gifts, mediums, channels and anything else that comes to our earthly plane of existence from the other dimensions. She has also owned a metaphysical bookstore in the past.

In a nutshell, Gloria would be considered an authority on all things metaphysical.

But, even a person so deep in the trenches of a spiritual life cannot be prepared for what took place in her life. Gloria’s beloved daughter, Jodi, committed suicide at age 36.

Gloria and Jodi grew up together; it was just the two of them all of Jodi’s life. To say there were close is an understatement. And because I had the honor of having dinner with Gloria one evening, which stretched into about a five hour get-together, I can tell you something about her pain.

Its energy is thick. Her daughter’s presence is palpable. She’s there, by her mother’s side. But even if Gloria feels Jodi beside her, there’s just no turning back that she is not on the earth plane anymore.

What I loved most about Gloria is that she didn’t try to hide it. She talked openly about Jodi; who she was, what she did in her life, and even Jodi’s dog, which Gloria now has.  She talked about what keeps her going since Jodi took her life. She shared with me the wonderful parts of her daughter and about Jodi’s struggles which ultimately contributed to Jodi’s final choice (as Gloria calls it).

It was hard to sit with someone who had lost a child, not even a year ago, and see that kind of pain. Especially when I have children of my own, ages five and seven. I couldn’t help but think about how I would feel if it were me in Gloria’s shoes. But it’s not me. And I don’t really know how she feels.

Gloria is a member of two organized groups, Compassionate Friends (a group of people that have lost children from illness, accidents and suicide), and SOS (Survivors of Suicide). She says these two groups have helped her because these are people who understand “the hole in your heart.”

In her publisher’s letter in the April Aquarius, Gloria says, “We were like you once. We too were the people that would move from one side of the street to the other, or hide behind a booth in a restaurant; do anything but face the person you know has lost a child… It’s just too close for most of us. Our empathy is so strong when it comes to this particular loss… Believe me, we understand, it’s hard on every level.”

I may not know how it feels to lose a child, but I know from being with Gloria, even for a short time, that it’s not a “hole in the heart” that heals completely, ever. So, when I read in the latest issue of Aquarius that Gloria is holding an event on Sunday, April 21, at Naylor Hall, from 11:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., I know her whole heart, her soul, is in it.

Aquarius Magazine Cover April 2013

Aquarius Magazine Cover April 2013

The event is called Our Children, Our Children and is a 1st Annual Memorial Celebration in Jodi’s honor. But it isn’t all about Jodi. It’s about celebrating the lives of all loved ones that have gone to the other side.

Her April’s publisher’s letter says, “I want to honor my beautiful Jodi, and her life…”  She continues, “Jodi would be surprised and possibly disappointed if I didn’t open this event to all parents, and everyone that has lost a loved one, not only a child. She loved that we were so inclusive, where everyone was always welcomed and we had many happy times and I cherish those memories today. I hope you can come… All we need is you. Words are not necessary; all we want is a hug, a smile and your positive vibes.”

Phoenix and Dragon will have a presence at Our Children, Our Children. Don Simmons will hold a meditation and Susan Rushing, a medium from P&D, will be there. Susan has written a book on suicide from a medium’s perspective that I wrote a review for a few months ago. I have included the review below. It originally ran in Aquarius.

For more information on this event, go to: www.aquarius-atlanta.com/ourchildren.html

Book review:


Suicide from a Medium’s Perspective

A book for understanding and healing

No matter how, why, or when a person leaves the earth for the other side, those left behind are affected. We humans are a needy breed. But when someone we love takes his own life, we are so often left with such a deep hole, and with the enormous question in such a little word: Why?

Why now, Why today, Why this second in time? Why, oh why?

Someone may question what happens to a person when they commit suicide? Are they really damned as the many dogmas would have us believe?

Susan Rushing’s book, Suicide From the Other Side, A medium’s journey towards creating a new paradigm for understanding, healing and love, attempts to answer these questions and more.

Susan's Book cover

Rushing’s book is well-written and flows easily. I love to read philosophical material and I don’t mind having to get through some muck to glean a few pearls of wisdom from someone’s writing. But this book has no muck and plenty of pearls.

Rushing has a wit about her that interjects some southern charm into her subject. For example, we’ve all heard about the guiding whisper from the Universe. When we won’t listen to the whisper the universe might knock. And according to Rushing, if you don’t hear the knock, the Universe “is going to pop you with a cosmic wet towel, right in the locker room of life.”

Those who have gone through a suicide will, hopefully, gain insight as to how a loved one could actually do this to themselves and to the people they love. From Rushing’s perspective, the soul departs “sickened” by life. She compares the suicidal mind to physical illness that can bring a body to death.

Once on the other side, Rushing tells us about large, sentry-type angels who meet suicide souls on the other side. The angels bring the souls a space for energy healing. Here the soul is allowed to learn what was so out of whack that they could not see recovery as possible. The angels then, with unconditional love and support, help the soul heal. Rushing leads us on a journey to understand the angels’ roles and how a spirit can be restored, even after the saddest of earthly experiences.

Not only does Rushing have experience in readings with suicide-souls and their loved ones, she also went through a tragic suicide in her own life – the suicide of the father of her handicapped daughter. Her perspective is from both one left behind after someone close commits suicide and that of one who can communicate with souls after they have gone to the other side, to heal.

I, personally, have not had a close encounter with suicide. I’m fortunate in that, for sure, but I still felt comforted by the book. I can’t imagine that we don’t all die without some weakened energy in our bodies. Knowing that these large, beautiful, energetically gifted angels are in the next dimension is a relief; for myself, but it also allowed me to picture my loved ones who have crossed over in safety and happiness.

Rushing also has a section of stories, or readings, she’s done with clients. She gives the back story from the client she is reading and is also able to give the story from the soul’s perspective.

If I had one complaint about the book it would be that I would have liked to have read more of the stories. They are insightful and enjoyable. The souls are interesting characters who come to life for the reader. I felt a connection with them, the sadness their loved ones feel at losing them, and I was also able to rejoice that the soul did not lose its grace from its physical body. I left each story feeling happy for the gift of connection for both the soul and the person still here on earth.

It’s not all happiness and roses, mind you. It’s a book about suicide and nothing is funny or happy about that, but I would recommend anyone that has dealt with a suicide read this book. Rushing’s work is good, it’s well-written, it’s original in thought and information, and it’s real-life.

I give her book an A++.


A New Personality at P&D

Most everyone that has been to Phoenix & Dragon over the last 16 years was familiar with the kitties, Sage and Amber. There have been others, but these two were had a very long standing run of the store.

In October 2012, Sage went to kitty heaven and in February, Amber joined her brother. There was such an outpouring of love on the P&D Facebook page, it made everyone at the store know how those cats affected the store’s setting.

So far, the P&D has always enjoyed the company of felines. Until now.

Recently, the very day Candace was going to look for two little kitty littermates to join the P&D family, a very sweet dog – a ridgeback Doberman, showed up in the parking lot of the store.

Greta and Mark

They took her to the vet to check for a chip, and although she is chipped, the chip isn’t registered.

Mark Revard, a Reiki, medium, channel and a crystal expert at P&D, took the dog home and brought her back the next day.

Candace put signs out in front of the store announcing “Lost Dog.” No one came, and now she has found her “furever” home with Mark. At night he takes her home and every day, brings her back to P&D. Her name is Greta; a lovely soul with a new home – day and night.

Candace is still planning store kitties in the future. “Greta is more of a visitor than a resident,” she says. “She’s an office dog, who stays in the office next to Mark, unless she wants my affection.”

Candace said Greta has figured out how to get her attention. When she is typing on the computer, Greta’s long, Doberman nose fits perfectly in the small space where Candace’s elbow meets her chair, while her hands are up typing. Greta doesn’t mind that Candace is in full typing mode when she sticks her nose in that space and flips up Candace’s arm to get her hand to come down for a rub on the head.

“She’s making herself comfortable,” says Candace with a good laugh.

I think Greta has chosen the perfect place to just be – if she is in fact the one that chose the place. Sometimes it seems with a place like P&D, there’s a hand above helping out situations.

I suppose it would be hard to call in all that energy in all those classes, meditation and books and not have some unseen help around the place!

If you are in P&D and see Greta on her frequent walks outside the store during the day, be sure to give her a pet and say, “Hello Greta! Welcome to Phoenix and Dragon.”