Say, Cheese! Aura Photography at P&D

Laura Kaye is a photographer of the metaphysical kind. She takes aura photographs with a special camera that, in a bunch of technical talk, sends radio signals from a persons hands to the camera that transmits the information scientifically in to bytes, and turns out a photo with a person’s aura on it.

Here’s mine:

My Aura Scan

My Aura Scan


Today, for the first time since I have been going to P&D, I had a session with Laura Kaye. I left thinking, That was very interesting. I found the reading remarkable, and so is Laura herself.

She dresses like a fairy, complete with sparkly eye shadow, and talks like part scientist, part counselor, and part intuitive. You will leave with her contact information in case you would like to text her, anything. Even something like, Hi Laura, It’s Jennifer. My grocery bag ripped and all my fruit rolled in the parking lot today.

In short, Laura is a delightful woman, knows her stuff and wants to stay in touch if you need her.

If you noticed, my aura in the photo is red, red and more red. They are not all monochromatic like mine. She showed me others when I asked if I was normal (whatever that is). Most other pictures I saw had an array of colors, but mine being so red is very specific to me.

My initial question, and probably the reason I haven’t done this in the past, is that I thought it would just be an imprint of my feelings in the present moment which would not have a bearing on anything else in my life. In a way I am correct. Laura says, “Where the mind goes, the energy follows.” In other words, if I was thinking of the ocean when she took my picture I may have gotten a different result – more of peek into the window to my soul. But that’s not where I was this morning.

Where I was: meeting a friend at the coffee shop, who I have cancelled on so many times that I took my semi-sick son with me, at 10. At 11, I went to P&D. Afterwards, I headed to Target for stuff, next to eat a quick lunch, on to the doctor to get my son cleared up (ear infection), then to get my daughter from school.

I’m only telling you my to-do list to say that my time was very structured today. I had a time slot for every second of my day. That was the first thing Laura told me – that there are very subtle prickly things in the top of my aura that indicate hours of the day. She told me that the red indicates I am in survival or action mode. She also mentioned that the amount of red could indicate that I had caffeine in my system. Remember above I said I came to P&D from the coffee shop? I had an espresso there. Apparently my aura reflects it.

She said the black between my face and the start of my aura was indication of a medication I take that helps me cope with my world. I do take such a medication.

She divided my photo into sections. I don’t want to go too in detail because if you get a reading, I want your reading to be your reading. But, she divides the photos into past, present and future. She divides it into the energy you give and what you have to give.

Believe it or not, my photo wasn’t totally red. In the heart area was orange and some magenta. And those colors also had meaning.

I may have been thinking, That was interesting. But in my heart I was feeling understood. The things she said to me were accurate, not just for the present moment, but for where I am in my life right now. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to have the aura photography done. My life has changed so much; it would be fun to compare today with a year ago or two years ago.

I guess I will have to start from this year and go forward. I can’t wait to see a little blue or green in there one day!

Laura Kaye comes to P&D certain times of the year. She will be there this weekend doing sessions; individual portraits ($25), and she’s doing a Valentine’s Special for couples ($35).