Vision Board Visions


Two years ago I created a Vision Board at Phoenix & Dragon. Last year they didn’t have the workshop, but so many people asked for it, they are doing one this year on January 6, 3-5 pm. I still have the one from 2011 on the wall in my office. And much of what I put up has either come to fruition or on its way to happening. I believe in creating a vision for my year, refreshing myself with its content regularly, and seeing my dreams come true!

Below is a blog post I wrote on my blog ( after I went in 2011.

I hope to see you on Jan. 6, at 3 at P&D!

Vision Board

Vision Board Visions

Written Jan. 8, 2011

If I am to be honest with you, 2010 was not a great year for me. I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say Hubby is a builder and he and I rode an emotional housing-rollercoaster for the entire year. And it didn’t end well either. We did not exit the ride exhilarated and wanting more. In fact, 2010 had me saying, “Bye-Bye, 2010, don’t let the door hit you where the sun doesn’t shine on your way out!”

In that spirit, I was at meditation at my local metaphysical book store, Phoenix and Dragon, when Don Simmons, the guide of the meditations, mentioned he was hosting a Vision Board Creation seminar on Sunday. After my year, I decided that this could be good. I’ve read about vision boards in plenty of my spiritual books, but I had never created one before.

So, on Sunday, I bought some poster board, packed my scissors and a glue stick and headed to the Phoenix and Dragon for a little vision creation. I also printed off a picture of Hubby’s and my dream house, a picture of a back yard and I made a copy of the front cover of the book, Surviving Braces, which I wrote with my aunt. For even better luck, I took Nate, my five-year-old, with me. He seems to get just about everything he wants, so it couldn’t hurt to have him by my side.

Nate and I made our way in to the room. It was packed with people and poster board. The smell of glue and magazine print surrounded us. The sound of scissors making dreams come true rang out.

We found a little space left on the floor where Nate and I just did fit. I left him there while I went to a long table covered with magazines. I thought about my vision for myself and my family and decided on a health magazine, a parenting magazine and a fashion magazine (for the more explicitly exciting kind of words). I also had a big book full of artist’s illustrations from my days at an ad agency. I’m not sure how I ended up with it, but it had been in my office closet for at least six years and I had not used it yet, so I decided there was no better way to use it than to cut it up for my vision board.

Nate and I started cutting and pasting. He got a hold of some letters and glued down his name and the year. I’m now a little concerned because he put a football picture on his. I had hoped he would be more of a golf, tennis or baseball type. He also asked me for a real dollar bill. I gave him a dollar and he glued that down. There are stars and arrows and a heart on his. He also used a picture of a dove flying; that one was nice, and knowing his dislike of structure it seemed appropriate.

Mine, I divided into three parts – family, my individual life, and Hubby’s business, which, obviously, directly effects me individually as well as within the family unit. On the top I put our family name and I surrounded it with the pictures of the house and back yard that I had printed and brought with me. I included a heart and over it I cut out the caption “Love + Life” from a magazine and glued it down. I attached words that I think symbolize what I want for my family; words like Play, Giggle, Love, and All for One and One for All. I decided that I would love to see my family travel to Costa Rica for a vacation in the future, so I cut that out of a magazine and glued it on. I pasted a photo of a man and a woman sitting at a table together, representing Hubby and I together, alone. I also put a couple of intimate words there, but I’ll let your mind’s eye do the talking for me. I also included in big, capital letters “GOOD HEALTH.” And I put a slot machine with 777 on the face right, smack in the middle of the board. I’ll take a winning lottery of any kind, thank you.

Next I concentrated on me. The largest picture is one of two people stretching. Their bodies are one on top of the other, in mid-air, and their legs go out, one to the left and one to the right sides. This picture says to me, balance, good health, exercise, and flexibility. Some of the stuff I think creates a happy existence.

On my business or creative section, I put my ideals for what I would like to have happen to me. I glued my Surviving Braces book photo down and over it I glued the word “Money.” I glued the word “Books” down, because eventually I would like to author more books. I glued down a picture of a brain with a magnifying glass over it, representing ideas, or “picking” of my brain. Of course, for me, no vision board would be complete without a photo of Oprah on it. I glued two of her pictures down, to be sure the Universe heard me. And with her picture, I put a picture of myself so that the Universe would be sure to know that I not only want her to know of me, I want her to know me, personally. With all of this I glued a cut-out from a magazine that says “The world is a magical place.”

In Hubby’s business or creative section, I found an illustration of a bean-stalk with houses coming off of it, as if the stalk is growing houses. Of course, I didn’t have to jump far to conclude that this would be a good representation of a growing business for Hubby. But just in case it wasn’t clear, I wrote the words beside the picture, “Business Grows. Building Contracts Abundant.”

In the end, I was happy with my vision for my and my family’s future. I also left a little room to add other things I desire, but I might not have thought of at the moment I was there. I enjoyed creating a Vision Board and I believe it is a great tool for getting focused on the good things I intend to create in my life. I hung it in my office and I look at it often to remind me of my goals.

And on that note, I think one part of it worked. The very next night, I tried a babysitter last minute and she was actually available. So Hubby and I went out to celebrate New Years a couple of days late. We had the best time we have had in a long time together. We had a great dinner and we went dancing. What fun we had! I’ll let your imagination work out the rest of our night, but it was fun too.


John of God Stones, I can’t wait!

P&D has an interesting trunk show coming this Sunday. A man named Digby Bertram from Avalon Trading Company will be there with his jewelry. What is special about the jewelry is that it comes from the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola, where John of God, a medium and healer, lives and works. The jewelry is made with stones that come from a mine near the Casa and are sent to John of God where he “calibrates” them for healing. The stones are said to be “crystals on steroids.”

I first heard of John of God from my beloved Oprah a few years ago. She had a producer go to the Casa and interview him. She also had people on that were healed by him. The Show was fascinating, and even skeptical people were changed after leaving John of God’s presence.

John of God is a man from a small town in Brazil, whose birth name is João Teixeira de Faria. The people of Abadiânia now call him Medium João. As a child of nine, he had a vision that a nearby village was going to be devastated in a storm. It was a nice day, so the people brushed of his prophesy — that is, until it happened. A nearby town was devastated shortly after he said it would be. That is the first “recorded” notion of John’s gift for seeing things.


John of God was raised poor; often going hungry. At 16, he was tired and famished and went to a river to wash himself. Once there, he saw a beautiful woman with a brilliant smile, now believed to be Saint Rita of Cascia. She gave him the address of a spiritual center and told him to go there. Once there, John fainted. When he woke, he started to apologize, saying he was just hungry. But the people told him that he had actually been awake and performing miraculous healings all afternoon.

This started John of God on a path of healing millions. It is believed that the spirit of King Solomon was guiding John of God by entering his body. And now, John of God is a medium to many entities wishing to continue healing work here through him, just as King Solomon did. The spirits are believed to be doctors, herbalists, chiropractors, healers and saints.

John of God has now been healing for over 50 years and is thought of as one of the most prolific healers and mediums of our (living) times. He sees hundreds and sometimes thousands of people per week, for no pay. He tells people that he does not do the healings, God does.

The Casa is open to everyone from anywhere. John of God’s entities have cured people from all walks of life from all kinds of adversities; cancer, AIDS/HIV, asthma, paralysis, and psychological problems. Oprah’s producer said when she went to do the interview she was feeling very depressed about the recent death of her father. She was having a hard time finding joy in life again after his passing. John of God looked her in the eyes then sent her to the healing room where she was told to sit and meditate. She sat there and said that when she left she felt a peace come over her. Like things were as they were meant to be. I also read a story where a quadriplegic boy was told to get up and walk up a hill and did it.

There are all kind of stories of healing from John of God, some as small as having a hand with grief and others as large as walking after never being expected to walk again, or seeing after being blinded. When reading about him, the passion felt by each writer comes alive. John of God touches people on many levels.

I’m really interested to feel and touch a stone that has been programmed by this man. The Casa where he performs the miracles is said to be energized from a high density of crystals in the ground and possible ley line conjunctions, a “power spot” that is ideal for healing, spiritual awakening and the opening or expanding of our innate psychic gifts. There is also a sacred cachoeira, or waterfall, within walking distance of the Casa, and with the permission of the entities one can go there for additional healing and spiritual work.

I’m looking forward to Sunday (December 9) at P&D. Digby, the man selling the jewelry, has been many times to the Casa himself. He has had experience with the stones and is passionate about his work to get the stones to others through his jewelry.