I’m Purple Shoppin’ till I’m Purple Droppin’ Friday AND Saturday

I’m on the way out the door. I’m headed to P&D for Purple Friday, which is now extended into Purple Small Business Saturday too. Everything purple in the store is 25% off. On Saturday, AMEX is also giving a $25 credit to people shopping at small businesses. P&D is a qualifying small business, so that’s another savings.

But for me, it is more than saving money.  P&D actually has unique stuff and much of what they have is from local artisans, which makes my gifts special.

I’ve recently learned that many of their works are made by employees. Victoria makes jewelry, Heather creates gemstone malas, and Ellen creates prayer beads. Damaris makes a clearing spray. I think I may own some of this spray. I have a Sage spray for clearing out unwanted energy. Brent Wykle makes Orgonite. Customers also have a stake in the store. Some of the products include LaDira candles, copper bracelets, metal dragon sculptures, Skinfood Soaps, Rinse Body Care, jewelry artisans Cely Gomez and Elain Coyne, and an art exhibit by Betty Smith Sadler.

I’m a customer too! I have been going to P&D regularly for mediations and all of my spiritual products for so long that I asked if I could write a blog about the place.

P&D is a community within a community of people who are thriving thanks to one small business owner.

Supporting small businesses does more than just help an owner stay in business. It stimulates our local economy and creates character in our community, which also encourages us to walk to the stores and save gas. Small businesses are more likely to support our local charity efforts.  When we support small businesses, we get more choices and we ensure that prices stay lower in the long run. Small businesses are also more likely to respond to customer desires. Small businesses are the largest employers nationally.

Candace not only employs people, she also gives her employees the chance to be vendors!

She supports our local authors all of the time too. I met a lady one day who wrote a book about the ghosts in Roswell, GA. And, I recently attended the poetry night at P&D (held the last Friday of every month) and there was a published poet, Clifford Brooks, there with his book doing readings right along with us non-published folks. It was so much fun!

Susan Rushing, a P&D psychic, also has a new book on the shelves, called Suicide from the Other Side. I read it. It’s really good. I have not been through a suicide and still found the information interesting.

In addition to the community, the store carries American made products; Woodstock Chimes, Porcelain Gardens Night Lights, Crystal Garden’s Smudge Spray by Margaret Lembo, another metaphysical bookstore owner.

So, I’m out of here. I hope to see you at P&D this weekend. I’m on a treasure hunt for purple. Here’s my list so far: crystals, amethyst jewelry, candles, soap, arts, sculptures, a meditation cushion, books… This is just the start. Oh, and clothes. I saw a great purple shirt that I wanted and now I get it 25% off!


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