I’m Purple Shoppin’ till I’m Purple Droppin’ Friday AND Saturday

I’m on the way out the door. I’m headed to P&D for Purple Friday, which is now extended into Purple Small Business Saturday too. Everything purple in the store is 25% off. On Saturday, AMEX is also giving a $25 credit to people shopping at small businesses. P&D is a qualifying small business, so that’s another savings.

But for me, it is more than saving money.  P&D actually has unique stuff and much of what they have is from local artisans, which makes my gifts special.

I’ve recently learned that many of their works are made by employees. Victoria makes jewelry, Heather creates gemstone malas, and Ellen creates prayer beads. Damaris makes a clearing spray. I think I may own some of this spray. I have a Sage spray for clearing out unwanted energy. Brent Wykle makes Orgonite. Customers also have a stake in the store. Some of the products include LaDira candles, copper bracelets, metal dragon sculptures, Skinfood Soaps, Rinse Body Care, jewelry artisans Cely Gomez and Elain Coyne, and an art exhibit by Betty Smith Sadler.

I’m a customer too! I have been going to P&D regularly for mediations and all of my spiritual products for so long that I asked if I could write a blog about the place.

P&D is a community within a community of people who are thriving thanks to one small business owner.

Supporting small businesses does more than just help an owner stay in business. It stimulates our local economy and creates character in our community, which also encourages us to walk to the stores and save gas. Small businesses are more likely to support our local charity efforts.  When we support small businesses, we get more choices and we ensure that prices stay lower in the long run. Small businesses are also more likely to respond to customer desires. Small businesses are the largest employers nationally.

Candace not only employs people, she also gives her employees the chance to be vendors!

She supports our local authors all of the time too. I met a lady one day who wrote a book about the ghosts in Roswell, GA. And, I recently attended the poetry night at P&D (held the last Friday of every month) and there was a published poet, Clifford Brooks, there with his book doing readings right along with us non-published folks. It was so much fun!

Susan Rushing, a P&D psychic, also has a new book on the shelves, called Suicide from the Other Side. I read it. It’s really good. I have not been through a suicide and still found the information interesting.

In addition to the community, the store carries American made products; Woodstock Chimes, Porcelain Gardens Night Lights, Crystal Garden’s Smudge Spray by Margaret Lembo, another metaphysical bookstore owner.

So, I’m out of here. I hope to see you at P&D this weekend. I’m on a treasure hunt for purple. Here’s my list so far: crystals, amethyst jewelry, candles, soap, arts, sculptures, a meditation cushion, books… This is just the start. Oh, and clothes. I saw a great purple shirt that I wanted and now I get it 25% off!


Listen, and the Animals Speak

I have long had an affinity for owls. The way they can look “cute” and wise at the same time appeals to me. Don Simmons guides a meditation at P&D on Animal Guides now and again. It’s one of my favorites; that and angel guides mediation.

In the past, the animals that have shown up for me have been deer, bear, and even a rooster. But more recently, after many changes in my life, I got a snake and an owl. The idea of animals revealed in the meditation is to connect with animal spirits that guide us. To discover what the animal can teach us about a more effective existence.

Last time I sat in the Animal Guides meditation, I told Don afterwards that I saw the snake and owl. He surprised me by telling me that he believes the owl would be a dominant totem for me. I said, “But usually I see deer or bear.”

Don replied, “Well, that was then, this is the new you.”

Don is referring to changes going on in my life where I have decided to stand in my own truth. My childhood wasn’t the life Beaver Cleaver might have experienced. Nothing too traumatic in my own life, but enough that I have spent a lifetime trying to be liked, and to be seen.

2012 has been my year to be me, and those who don’t want to like me, well… I will have to accept the changes that come about if those people do not want to stick around. That includes every, single part of my life.

So seeing the owl and snake in my meditation told me something about me. It told me that the changes I have sought to make are taking hold. I am indeed becoming a new person.


I can say this because there is a book at P&D which helps to know what the animals mean. The book, in the Native American section of P&D, is Animal Speak by Ted Andrews. It’s a wonderful resource for finding out what the animals coming into my life really mean.

And the meaning shows up more than just in the meditations. In dreaming, I used to look the animals I encountered in the dreams up in a dream book (really a dream app on my Iphone), but now, I look them up in Animal Speak. I am often surprised by how the animals I see in my dreams reflect something meaningful to my waking life.

Even more than dreams, I often start to see animals all over. I went through a period where I saw a raccoon, opossums, and even a deer in my driveway. I live off of a busy road for goodness sakes. Who sees a deer where I live? The day before my son was born a very large hawk landed on my deck and sat staring at me for about a minute. The totems meaning is, “you are about to receive a gift from God.”

That is significant to me in more ways than one. Of course a child is a gift from God! But my son and I have butted heads from the get-go. He challenges me at every turn. But he also is my mirror. He makes me the best person I can be. My daughter is my mirror as well. I get to see me as a child – not just in looks but in her absolute joy for existing. Because she looks like me, I heal every time she laughs.

My recent gift from the snake and the owl have guided me to lessen my fear even more in becoming who I am.

The snake’s ability to shed skin is one of rebirth or transition. Other meanings associated with snake are wisdom and initiation. Snake is pretty obvious.

The owl, however, has much to say and has said it to many different cultures throughout human existence.

The owl totem can be linked to the Greek goddess of learning, Athena. To the Greeks, the owl was a symbol of status, intelligence and wealth. In Egyptian, Celtic, and Hindu cultures, the owl means guardianship of the underworlds, protecting the dead; as a keeper of the spirits. The West African and Aboriginal Australian cultures saw the owl as a messenger of secrets and companions to seers, mystics and medicine people. Medieval Europeans thought owls were priestesses and wizards in disguise.

Native American culture associates the owl with wisdom, foresight, and the keeper of sacred knowledge. Many shamans, witches and sorcerers are said to have owl as their totem.

The owl has earned its reputation honestly. Its ability to navigate the darkest nights and find nourishment is symbolic for owl’s essence as a totem. When you have lost your way, the owl totem will guide you back to a meaningful path and to wisdom.

The owl will help you see what is no longer serving your highest good. It will help us recognize that what seems like death is the giving up for something new to appear in our lives. If we become too bogged down in the thoughts that keep us imprisoned in the monkey mind, the owl can help show a better way.

People with the owl totem are naturally intuitive. It is hard to fool an owl person; they can see into the darkness of a soul and unmask those who try and deceive.

As a whole, the owl is a mythical, wise, healing, feminine, creature of the night. Specifically, different owls carry different traits.

  • Snowy owl – Conserve energy. Power of prophesy.
  • Barn owl – Mediums often have this totem; connects spirit world to our earth plane.
  • Barred or Spotted owl – Teaches to use the voice to great effect.
  • Screech owl – Teaches how to be a fierce individual while cooperating with others.
  • Short-Eared owl – Awakens the imagination. Helps to be at the right place at the right time for opportunity.
  • Great Horned owl – Ability to adapt to changing environments. A fierce protector.


The owl totem is represented by:

  • Chakra – root and crown
  • Essential Oils – rosemary, lime, cinnamon
  • Chant – Ti mah su
  • Planet – Pluto

P&D has just put up their owl tree. It’s beautifully decorated with all kinds of owl décor. There is much ado with the owl at the store – it’s kind of the perfect place to come get guidance, gifts, and other owl help.


To get you in the mood, P&D is hosting a Celestial Soiree on December 1, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Come for a day of festivities, fun, door prizes and refreshments to welcome the holiday season at Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore.

Throughout the day the Wish Wizard of Wonder will be here for you to whisper in his ear your wishes for the New Year and you can capture this magical moment in a photo to take home.

Monteen McCord, a raptor rehabilitator, will have her magnificent hawks and owls. Monteen will introduce you to the wonders of the world of raptors. Wearing a falconer’s glove, you may have your photo taken with Nigel, the awesome owl.

We will finish the afternoon with Don Simmons weekly meditation class featuring a meditation for Loving Kindness, a great reminder for this hectic time of year.

11am to 6pm: Refreshments and door prizes
11am to 5pm: Photos with the Wish Wizard of Wonder
12 noon 5pm: Meet the author book signing with Virginia Chandler, The Green Knight’s Apprentice
1pm to 4pm: Hawks and owls with Monteen McCord
1pm to 4pm: Meet Warren Woodruff, author of Dr. Fuddle and the Gold Baton
4pm to 6pm: Photographer David Foster will be here for a meet and greet
6pm to 7pm: Loving Kindness meditation with Don Simmons


See you on December 1!