A Star is Born, Happy Anniversary P&D!

I just received the October newsletter from P&D and it is going to be a fun month!

An important date in the newsletter is the 25th anniversary celebration on October 13, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Candace has arranged for all of us guests to Be the Star.

We can walk in on a red carpet and be pampered. The store will be filled with interesting things to try. One item on the schedule that I have never delved into is reflexology – a massage of the hands or feet that helps to relax the whole body. I look forward to trying it. And, if reflexology doesn’t get me relaxed enough, there will also be chair massages.

Free reflexology is from 11am to 1pm by Jan Powers. 10 minute chair massage samples are being offered 2-4pm by Charles Moody.

After I’m relaxed, I’ll listen to live music and try to win door prizes – I want to win a reading with a psychic or an astrology chart. I’ve never had my chart done. I’ll eat a little something and check out the newest crystals from an importer that will be on hand.

I will also be there to find out which candle scent from La Dira Candles wins the Phoenix and Dragon Smell contest.

The Anniversary sounds fun and I am really looking forward to the 13th, but there was something else on the calendar that got me jazzed too. Halloween! This holiday has long been one of my favorites. Back before becoming a mom, my cousin, Laura, and I used to go to Six Flags every Halloween season for Fright Fest. We were in our 20s, so we must have looked ridiculous running from the goblins and ghouls they have chasing people through the park.

Now, I might be older, but I don’t like to play any less on Halloween. This is why I will be very happy to dash over to P&D Halloween evening!

I’m just going to plant the description here because I don’t think I can explain what the newsletter says better than the actual newsletter. It sounds like fun with a capital F to me, and a little scary… Boo!

Halloween Whispers in the Night

Phoenix & Dragon Psychics

For hundreds of years, the Celts performed divination games to receive guidance on Samhain, the Celtic Halloween. It is a time when the veil between the worlds was believed to be at its thinnest, enabling people to see glimpses of the future and obtain loving advice from the ancestors. Step into our candle’s glow this Halloween night for an evening of divination. Psychic practitioners from Phoenix & Dragon give instruction and lead each willing participant through divination techniques such as: scrying mirrors, pendulums, tarot cards, dowsing rods, and more. Join us for this completely interactive class and enjoy a piece of Barmbrack, a delicious bread that may also lend insight into your future.

Wednesday, October 31; 8pm to 10pm; $20

If you didn’t a P&D newsletter, go to this link for it: http://phoenixanddragon.com/newsletters/P&D_October_2012.pdf

You can also go to www.phoenixanddragon.com and click on the icon at the top of the page to receive the newsletter monthly.


Meditation Adoration

It’s proven – meditation is remarkable for relaxation and better health. I started because I became a mom. I wasn’t handling things quite as well as I had envisioned when my bundle of joy was in the womb. Honestly, it was the second one that threw me over the edge. Although, even if it wasn’t my kids, I think I would have been drawn for other reasons – a stressful job, medical needs, or just because.

For years, I had been driving on Roswell Road past Phoenix & Dragon. I had also begun, after my first child, to read spiritual material. I was drawn to the author Eckhart Tolle because Oprah, on her show, said his book would change my life. I read both, <em>A New Earth</em> and <em>The Power of Now</em>. She was right. It was the first time I had heard that God wasn’t a man in the clouds there to judge me. God is inside me.

After Tolle, I read Alan Seale’s book, <em>Intuitive Living</em>. I bought the meditation CDs he offered with the book. I started to get up early in the mornings to meditate at home.

However, both of my children were still at home, not yet in school. I might be in mid-chakra balancing only to hear one of them waking up, crying. My kids are 22 months apart. Now they are five and seven, but then they were on baby monitors. I found out fairly quickly that meditation with a baby monitor next to the CD wasn’t going to work out for me as well as I would like.

This was in 2007. It was during that year I drove by, probably for the millionth time, Phoenix & Dragon. This one time though, a thought popped into my head. “I bet they do meditation!”

Turns out, my thought was correct. Shortly after getting the Thursday and Saturday schedule, I started going. And I haven’t stopped. Walking through the door of the store there is a distinct smell which causes my shoulders to relax.

Don Simmons is the guide on Thursday and Saturday. I go to be guided by him and his crystal bowls to get deeper into myself; to walk down the mountain, into the earth and touch the cleansing water of my soul.

I also go to Phoenix & Dragon meditations for Cindy, Karen, George, Jennie, Nancy and the other friends there that I now see on a weekly basis. Cindy occasionally brings her daughter and George brings his son. Jennie gives weather predictions. Nancy tells us where the planets are and what to expect astrologically. They have become a community of like-minded people I can meditate with on a regular basis. Their energies ground the room and give off a kind, healthy glow that helps me relax into myself.

I also cannot count the number of great ideas that come to me in meditation. I have had many of my friends outside of my spiritual world tell me they are not “good” at mediation. They say they think too much. First, there is no such thing as a “good” meditator. Like anything, everyone has a style that suits him. And, the kind of mediation Don does is called mindful meditation. We are meant to think, observe the thought, and watch it pass as a cloud in the sky. This way, we see that we are not our thoughts and our thoughts are not us.

In addition to going to meditations at Phoenix & Dragon, I have now started to purchase mediation CDs from the store that I can listen to at home, now that my kids are in school. I light a candle corresponding to intention I would like to set in motion for my life. A money candle if I want more money, or maybe a vitality candle if I am feeling run down. There’s a candle for everything. I have a meditation chair. Mala beads. Crystals. Comfortable clothes. A statue of a goddess that means something to me. I have built a little area just for me in my bedroom at home where I collect things that have an effect on my relaxation. I accumulate them from all over, but mostly from Phoenix and Dragon.

I have learned so much over my years of going there – I was a newbie to the metaphysical when I started. All I had was an open mind and a desire to be my best, most actualized self. I still do. It’s a journey. I feel so fortunate to have Phoenix & Dragon as a guide on that journey.

The store is celebrating 25 years this year in October! Happy anniversary Phoenix & Dragon!

The Smell of Love

Turns out I’m not the only one that loves the smell of Phoenix & Dragon! The staff there says they were asked too much for whatever it is that makes that smell, so Candace (the owner) has commissioned a company to make a candle that smells just like the store.

They have five or six scents for customers to vote on which will be the one they will sell. The unveiling of the new candle will be on October 13, the P & D Anniversary Celebration day.

I voted, but I can’t tell you what I picked. Candace said I didn’t pick the one that most were choosing. Oh well, they all came close anyway. I will look forward to my bathroom filled with the Phoenix & Dragon smell as I relax in my tub watching the candle wick burn slowly down. I can smell it already!

Quick! Go to P&D and vote for your favorite. The stand is right when you walk in the door. Then come back to the store on October 13, for the P&D 25th Anniversary Celebration to find out which scent won.

Candace has TONS of fun stuff planned for the day. More on what’s planned in the next post…